You can count on Medalcraft Mint’s artisans to craft a custom medallion for virtually any occasion. From special achievement awards to unique corporate gifts, the possibilities are endless.

Medalcraft Mint is frequently tasked with creating large diameter medallions for specific organizations and events. See how we create them in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA based facility.

Medallion Examples

Super-Sized Imagery for Maximum Effect

Custom medallions from Medalcraft Mint deliver the eye-popping artistry and attention-grabbing heft you’re looking for in a premium commemorative. Rather than disappearing into the recipient’s pocket or desk drawer, never to be seen again, these works of art typically measure 3½ inches or larger in diameter and earn prominent display for years to come.

The larger size of a medallion gives our craftsmen more room to sculpt 3-dimensional images such as portraits, buildings, logos, nature and verbiage. Graduation medallions, corporate image medallions, brand collectibles, and special event commemoratives all fall under the umbrella of the custom medallion work our production team provides in spades.