The Minting Process

Medalcraft Mint Inc. uses only solid materials, selected for their purity and metallic composition, in the minting process. Our craftsmen die-strike all medals, medallions and other items from brass, nickel-silver, bronze, copper and precious metals.

Frequently Asked Questions
Art Proof Example

Art Proofs

A digital, PDF proof is created and used for reference throughout the production process. During this process, you will work with your sales representative to make the item fit your specifications. Vector art is preferred for any text, logos, lines and shapes. For items that will be 3D models such as portraits and buildings the preferred format is a 600dpi raster file. 

3d Rendering of Medallion

3D Rendering

3D digital models are sculpted by creative professionals from the approved art through cutting edge CAD/CAM modeling software. This is where our talented team brings your design to life!

Die Creation

CNC Machining

The reverse image of the approved 3D model is machined into tool steel utilizing high precision CNC milling machines. Once the die is complete on the CNC, using hand tools and a detailed eye, metal craftsmen clean up, smooth and polish the die’s 3D image. From there, the die is sent to be heat treated to harden the die for striking. 



A blank piece of metal previously cut to the desired shape is placed into a coining press on top of the die. Up to 1,000 tons of pressure are used to “strike” the image into the metal.

Lapel Pins in Finishing


Depending on the overall look that was decided for your coin, it can be routed a number of different ways through our facility. Almost all coins go through the finishing department then from there, they may go to polishing, plating, enameling, etc. 

Medallions Being Bagged and Boxed

Final Touches

Quality inspection and final touches happen in our assembly department. Here your product can get a neck ribbon added, placed in a presentation box, or more! The possibilities with Medalcraft are endless.