Reliability Engineering Program

Medalcraft Mint is the leading manufacturer of high quality die-struck medals, medallions, challenge coins and military insignia for awards, gifts and commemorative needs.  The top producer of Military and USA Government Challenge Coins.

About the Program

In collaboration with Renaissance Reliability and the University of Tennessee, Medalcraft Mint has established a prestigious Reliability Engineering certification program. This 3-month on-site course enables participants to rapidly advance their careers in the manufacturing industry.

Upon successful completion, participants will be eligible to apply for full-time positions at Medalcraft Mint or receive a recommendation letter to pursue opportunities with other manufacturing companies.

Unturning Steel

While the Medalcraft team was completing the Manufacturing Leaders Program, the documentary Unturning Steel was also being filmed. To learn more about the film, click the button below. 

Unturning Steel Updates
Unturning Steel Flag Background