Foundations & Organizations

At Medalcraft Mint, we understand the importance of cultivating long-term relationships with your supporters, donors, board members, and volunteers. They are the backbone of your foundation or organization, and they deserve to be recognized and appreciated for their contributions.

That’s why we offer a variety of high-quality, custom-made products that can serve as great gifts for these individuals. Whether you need a challenge coin, a lapel pin, or a medallion, we can design and produce it for you in our USA-based facility.

Types of Products Serving Foundations & Organizations

Our products are not just ordinary tokens. They are symbols of your mission, vision, and values. They communicate gratitude and shared goals with the people who matter most to your cause. They also help you promote your brand and increase your visibility in the community.

Why Medalcraft?

Your time is important. So are your budgets. With Medalcraft, you can protect both—all while receiving products of the highest quality, carefully handcrafted here in America.

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Example Products for Foundations & Organizations

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