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Our opportunity: Help create a tradition of sales excellence

Sales professionals appreciate recognition as much as the next person, but bulky awards and printed certificates usually are not their first choices. Chris Bahns, Learning Experience Design Manager (sales training team) for Epiq, a global leader in technology-enabled legal services, decided this was the perfect time to begin a new tradition.

Chris worked with the Medalcraft Mint design team to create award coins for the company’s President’s Club winners, an honor presented annually to the top sales performers. The result was a 2.5-inch brass medal with a premium antique finish and a high-quality display box.

“I figured let’s do some nice, quality coins as a token of prestige,” Chris explains. “It’s a smaller award, but still has the quality our recipients can display as they want. We plan to create a series, so year after year they can continue to win these and have a display.”

The key to the design was leaving the year in which the award is earned left off the production die. This way, Medalcraft artisans can engrave the year onto the relatively small number of medals produced rather than having Epiq invest in a new die every year.

“It’s a lot less expensive this way,” Chris says. “Our Medalcraft sales rep, Sami, was great. She suggested different metals we could use and helped us find the best solutions for our budget.”

For more information or to request a quote for your organization’s custom medals, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

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Extra-large medallions supersize the commemorative effect

Few commemoratives capture attention as quickly as extra-large medallions. A growing number of our customers are requesting large medallions that measure at least 3.5 inches in diameter for the visual impact they deliver as well as the extra real estate they offer for design elements.

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Our opportunity: Provide the capstone on a memorable event

Zack Viscomi, chief operating officer for DNA Media, contracted with Medalcraft Mint to produce a 3½-inch brass medallion with 24-kt gold plating. Zack requested our team produce a medallion with exceptional shine qualities on tight turnaround for the film’s quickly approaching San Diego release event.

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