Engraved coins and personalized medals provide a special touch

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gold engraved coin and personalized medal


Engraved coins provide a tangible symbol of honor and accomplishment that holds a special place in the hearts of recipients. With Medalcraft Mint the established industry leader in helping organizations elevate their awards game, personalized medals have emerged as a more captivating option than generic offerings. 

Your recipients are much more likely to proudly display personalized coins and medals, reinforcing their sense of pride and motivation. Engraved coins serve as timeless keepsakes for your recipients, preserving cherished memories and accomplishments for a lifetime. 

Our artisans use a die-striking process to produce logos and other imagery in custom designs featured on the front side of coins and medallions. We then can engrave the recipient’s name and even a date on the reverse side in creating engraved coins that are more than just another trinket.


Our Wisconsin-based production team is positioned to deliver personalized engraved coins and medallions in short runs or large runs. This gives you more ordering flexibility than is possible from most commemorative manufacturers. 

The most significant advantage of die-struck coins is the availability of customization options. We can include logos, event themes, verbiage in specific fonts, and even images of faces and buildings. There is virtually no limit to the artwork our team can produce. 

This flexibility allows you to create one-of-a-kind awards that reflect positively on your organization and resonate with your recipients. The artistry and craftsmanship our team provides delivers a touch of sophistication that sets your engraved coins apart from generic award medals. Most importantly, it generates an enhanced sense of recognition and makes your recipients feel truly honored. 

Engraved coins create an excellent opportunity for your organization to reinforce its brand image. This subtle, yet impactful branding strategy strengthens a sense of loyalty and pride among your recipients. These medals become symbols of inspiration that not only recognize past accomplishments, but also encourage future success.

Medalcraft Mint: The American Way to Mint 

Medalcraft Mint Inc. specializes in the design and production of custom medallions, challenge coins, and commemoratives for corporate, education, military, law enforcement, and special event customers. All of our American-made products are manufactured in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility to ensure the highest attention to quality with fast and reliable delivery times. MMI is a proud American manufacturer since 1948.

For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s products or to request a quote, please go to https://medalcraft.com or call 800-558-6348.

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