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Doing an online search to help you find a producer of color challenge coins can be unreliable. You make your selection and you take your chances on if it comes from an overseas supplier. 

However, there is one way to guarantee your challenge coins are of the finest quality and made in the USA. Simply save this email, avoid time-consuming online searches, and go straight to Medalcraft Mint

Our Wisconsin-based team has established itself as the premier American producer of color challenge coins and other commemoratives. You can be assured of receiving top-notch customer service, products made of solid materials, and predictable delivery every time. 

Visual appeal is critical, and adding vibrant color enamel is the most effective way to capture your recipients’ attention. We seal in those colors with a lacquer that protects the paint from nicks and other damage. 

Your color challenge coins will retain their quality for years, serving as an exciting collectible for your recipients.

Call us today at 800-558-6348 to learn how easy it is to create high-quality color challenge coins for your organization. 


Jerry Moran 

Owner and Chief Executive Officer – Medalcraft Mint

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