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Kathy Flores remains an iconic figure in the history of US women’s rugby. She played on the 1991 US World Cup team and became the first woman to coach the US World Cup team in 2006 and 2010. She had an enormous impact on women’s rugby until her passing in 2021. Medalcraft Mint had the honor of assisting the US Women’s Rugby Foundation(USWRF) in honoring Kathy at the Women’s Rugby Coaches & Referees Association’s (WRCRA) annual conference. 

Medalcraft’s team created a 3-inch satin gold-plated brass medal for recipients of the new Kathy Flores Lifetime Achievement Award. The medal features imagery of Kathy’s face and signature, and included a neck ribbon that enabled recipients to proudly wear the medal at the event. 

“I was really pleased with how beautiful the medals are. We were all blown away,” says Kerri Heffernan, who is a USWRF board member and director of the WRCRA. “It is a beautiful, heavy, substantial medal, and it really captures the significance of the event.” 

Eight pioneering women in rugby received medals at the January 2023 WRCRA conference. They included legendary coaches, referees, administrators and players representing the past 40 years of US women’s rugby. Women’s rugby celebrated its 50th anniversary in the USA in 2022, making this an especially significant event. 

“Medalcraft Mint was very responsive, honest, and did not overpromise,” Kerri says. “The Medalcraft team really came through for us.”

For more information or to request a quote on a brass medal, please go to https://medalcraft.com/ or call 800-558-6348.

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