Police week challenge coins. 2 shown in brass with enamel border and one custom shape in nickel silver.

Order your enamel challenge coins for National Police Week

Extra capacity at Medalcraft Mint makes for quicker lead times. Advance planning is the key to securing your department’s enamel challenge coins in time for National Police Week activities, this year scheduled for May 12-18, 2024. Medalcraft Mint is prepared for the influx of orders that typically precedes this important recognition week with additional capacity in our enameling department.

gold three-inch medallion created for police department

Our opportunity: Create a civic treasure worth hunting for

The Neenah Police Department asked Medalcraft Mint to create an attractive three-inch medallion that could serve as the prize as treasure hunters followed clues posted every Monday to the department’s social media accounts.

3 brass coins

Brass coins deliver cost-effective quality in a commemorative

Brass coins are a popular metal choice for many of our customers because of its ability to convey quality.

challenge coin with color enamel

Challenge coins stand out with color enamel

Challenge coins are a common motivational tool in a wide range of settings.

two coins on a wood background with a united states flag

American-made medals carry an extra level of product pride

American-made medals are a highly prized product in this era of supply chain challenges and a desire to support USA-based manufacturers.

bronze medal with woman's face on it

Our opportunity: Create a lifetime achievement award to stand the test of time

Medalcraft’s team created a 3-inch satin gold-plated brass medal for recipients of the new Kathy Flores Lifetime Achievement Award.

 3-inch brass medal with an antique finish and neck ribbon

Medalcraft Mint brass medal Our opportunity: Reimagine an annual employee award – quickly

The resulting 3-inch brass medal with an antique finish and neck ribbon delivered the bronze appearance envisioned by the Flik CEO. Engraved on the front were the words “President’s Circle – Exemplary Performance,” while each recipient’s name was engraved on the back.

silver and bronze medallion

Large diameter medallions deliver a memorable exclamation point

Medalcraft Mint specializes in producing large diameter medallions in sizes that are hard to find, giving organizations commemorative options beyond the norm.