Medalcraft Mint medallion

Our opportunity: Help an organ procurement organization honor donor families

Making the decision to donate organs and tissues is an intensely emotional time for families as they deal with the death of their loved one. HonorBridge, a federally designated organ procurement organization (OPO) in North Carolina, collaborated with Medalcraft Mint to upgrade and rebrand the medals of honor it presents to families.

“The Medal of Honor is a small token of appreciation we give to families who are willing to think about someone else at such a difficult time,” explains Jeremiah Davis, Family Resource Specialist for HonorBridge. “I am truly amazed every time someone can bring themselves to think about another family that needs help.”

HonorBridge previously had purchased medallions through another OPO, for which it had no say in the design. This time, HonorBridge worked with Medalcraft Mint to include imagery and verbiage specific to its organization while enhancing the entire delivery process to families.

“We ran some numbers a couple times over the past several years and tried to do our own design, but it never panned out until we got in touch with Medalcraft Mint,” Jeremiah says. “Sami (LaCourt), the sales representative, was phenomenal. She was communicative and willing to crunch the numbers to find a price that was feasible for us.”

The result is a two-sided, 3-inch brass medallion with an antique finish that features a dove and olive branch in 3-D relief. Its previous medallions had generic imagery on one side only. The new medallions arrive at the family’s home in a sturdy box with a display stand provided by Medalcraft Mint that also are improvements over the previous version.

“We love it that Medalcraft Mint has so much experience, and they’re right here in the USA,” states Jeremiah. “We loved how they worked with us on the design and took some of our ideas. It was a very smooth process, and we intend to continue our relationship with Medalcraft Mint for the long term.”

For more information or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.