Medalcraft Mint chain of office

Our opportunity: Create a chain of office for a signature event

The 125th anniversary of Southern Utah University (SUU) as an institution created a unique opportunity to produce a chain of office for the new president’s inauguration. The Medalcraft Mint team was up for the challenge of getting the impressive new chain of office delivered on short notice for the combined September festivities.

SUU President Mindy Benson, who previously served as the university’s vice president of alumni and community relations, liked the idea of scheduling the inauguration during homecoming weekend so alumni who would already be on the Cedar City campus could participate. The challenge lay in getting the new chain of office produced and delivered in time.

“I reached out to Medalcraft Mint, and the team was awesome to work with,” states Bailey Bowthorpe, assistant to the president. “We gave the sales representative an idea of what we needed and the timeframe, which by that time was only about five weeks for what normally is a 6-8 week project.”

Medalcraft Mint artists quickly created a chain of office that features a four-inch nickel silver medallion anchoring a chain that includes the names of all 16 previous SUU presidents as well as President Benson, who is the institution’s first female chief executive. The finished chain of office shipped overnight from our Green Bay, Wisconsin, location to Cedar City, Utah, arriving only a few hours ahead of the 3 p.m. inauguration ceremony.

“It was the miracle of the day when that chain of office arrived,” Bailey says. “It added so much to the event, and was part of the larger celebration we were having for our university. We are super grateful to the Medalcraft Mint team for helping us make it happen.”

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