Medalcraft Mint enamel coins

Enamel coins, custom large-diameter medallions pop with color

Medalcraft Mint produces a variety of eye-catching color medallions

While bronze, copper and other precious metals take center stage in the production of custom commemoratives, enamel coins steal the show with their ability to highlight color and protect the paint from damage.

Medalcraft Mint applies an enamel finish to lock in the beauty and visual appeal of challenge coins, custom brass coins and custom large-diameter medallions. Our Wisconsin-based art and production teams offer a high-quality option for customers looking to order enamel coins and other commemoratives that are Made in the USA.

Enamel is the perfect sealant for custom large-diameter medallions that feature color as an aspect of their design. This substance creates a glossy finish that is incredibly hard, protecting the paint on your enamel coins and medallions from nicks and flaking.

Enamel coins deliver their message over the long term

Our customers put a lot of time, effort and money into commemoratives that reinforce their brand, build camaraderie, and mark special events. The last thing they want is for their investment to take on a worn appearance shortly after presentation. That’s where enamel comes into play.

The die-striking process we use creates precise imagery on custom coins and medallions. We use this process because it lets us use higher-quality materials than those used in the casting mold process.

Striking the customer-approved design into metal is not the end of the process for orders that feature color. Next, we carefully add paint to the design and ensure it retains a bright appearance with an enamel coating. The combination results in eye-popping enamel coins that your recipients will treasure and be proud to display for years to come.

Medalcraft Mint: A proud American manufacturer since 1948

Medalcraft Mint Inc. specializes in the design and production of custom medallions, challenge coins, and commemoratives for corporate, education, military, law enforcement, and special event customers. All of our American-made products are manufactured in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility to ensure the highest attention to quality with fast and reliable delivery times.

For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s products or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.