Macettes and batons create the perfect item to carry forward the cherished traditions of your institution.

Mace Examples

Trust – Status – Gravitas

The most well known and prestigious academic institutions of the world trust Medalcraft Mint Inc. to represent their respective storied histories with the treasured symbol of the mace.

Macettes and batons create the perfect item to carry forward the cherished traditions of your institution.

Maintain the traditions of your institution

The ceremonial mace is the symbolic extension of a leader’s authority. Medalcraft Mint Inc. combines the finest materials and quality workmanship to create an original work of art that establishes an enduring legacy of leadership for your institution.

The importance of craftsmanship

We combine traditional craftsmanship, the purest precious metals, and unparalleled quality with state of the art manufacturing and production to create truly timeless pieces that celebrate your important events and immortalize achievement.

Macettes & batons

When some ceremonies make it difficult to use the full size mace, a smaller duplicate will help you maintain the pomp and circumstance of important events. Macettes and batons make perfect gifts to donors and departing leadership.

How to Build a Mace

Every element of your mace can be customized to fit your needs, style and budget. You may choose from our popular styles and customize your mace.

Or you can create a brand new mace by choosing specific elements.

Step 1: Choose your materials

Your choice of materials makes a powerful statement. Often metals from a particular state are featured (silver for Nevada and copper for Utah), or a certain wood is supplied and selected (such as oak from southern states).

Step 2: Choose a head style

Custom mace heads are the embodiment of your school’s history and values. The head of the mace can showcase a single or multiple medallions honoring various aspects of a long history. Additions like a flame or a surround provide a traditional academic look, and an engravable metal platform can showcase mottos or moral tenets.

Step 3: Create your medallions

Although traditionally designed after a school’s seal, medallions also showcase buildings, leaders or other elements of significance to your institution.

Step 4: Choose a staff style

The staff can be modest or ornate. Engravable metal sections or banners can be added to honor your institution’s values, leaders, donors, academic programs or separate campuses.

Step 5: Choose a foot style

Material choices for the foot are metal or wood to carry out the look and function you need.

Step 6: Choose a mace stand

A mace stand displays your mace when not in use during ceremonies. Its look should reflect the overall style of the mace.