Cultivating long-term relationships is a key to success, and that is especially true when non-employed individuals have a choice in their ongoing affiliation with you. Present them with a high-quality commemorative to ensure they know you appreciate their contributions.

Foundations and non-profit organizations rely on the goodwill and expertise of board members and volunteers to operate effectively. Recognition gifts, challenge coins and other custom-designed items from Medalcraft Mint communicate gratitude and shared values with the valued individuals in your circle.

Our experienced team can help you develop strategies that enhance the bond between your organization, employees and volunteers. Whether it is a collection of die-struck challenge coins for your office staff or a beautiful crystal award for your board president, our USA-based production team can deliver items on time and within budget.

You can depend on our team to create high-quality awards and commemoratives that reflect positively on your organization. Contact us to discuss ideas that meet your objectives and nurture the long-term relationships necessary for ongoing success.