Chain of Office

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Chain of Office Examples

For centuries, ceremonial chains of office have honored the highest officials of educational institutions. A chain of office is worn as part of the pomp and ceremony at official public celebrations of the college or university, such as the inauguration of a new president and at commencement events. Along with the academic mace, the official chain of office is highly regarded as part of the enduring legacy and permanent symbology of the institution.

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Established in 1948, Medalcraft Mint quickly achieved a reputation as the leading provider and manufacturer for art medals and award medals. For over 50 years we have been creating medallions, chains of office, maces and other products for the educational market, supplying our customer base of over 3,000 institutions.

The tradition of recording honor and success in metal has been practiced since ancient Greek and Roman times. We have updated the traditional ancient customs with state of the art manufacturing and production to create truly timeless pieces that celebrate your important events and commemorate achievement.