Law Enforcement/ Fire & Rescue

Challenge coins and other custom-designed commemoratives are popular team-building tools for the first responders and support personnel who protect our communities. Medalcraft Mint is proud to produce American-made medals, challenge coins and other custom-designed items for these dedicated individuals.

Medals and coins for the law enforcement and fire-rescue sector often feature intricate designs and eye-catching color. Our artists engrave customer-approved designs into steel die block for use in a die-striking process. This ensures high-quality image reproduction on every piece.

Brass, bronze, copper, nickel-silver and other precious metals provide a classic look while withstanding wear. A custom enamel finish seals in the colors and helps them pop. The result is an attractive piece that officers and other personnel can be proud to display.

Contact us to discuss ways in which high-quality items from Medalcraft Mint can help your department or unit nurture the teamwork necessary for safe and effective operations.