Two Honor Medals

Honors medals leave students with lasting positive reinforcement

Honors medals are a time-honored tradition that educational institutions have used to recognize the hard work that goes into exceptional achievement.

2 graduation medals

Graduation medals deliver rewards for students and institutions

Graduation medals have established a niche within the education world as institutions look to create lasting commemoratives that impact students beyond that of traditional paper diplomas. Medalcraft Mint works with schools, universities and colleges across North America to add a touch of prestige with custom graduation medals.

Oregon State University Foundation medal

Creating medals for the OSU Foundation’s highest recognition for volunteer leaders.

Medalcraft Mint was honored to partner with the Oregon State University Foundation to create medals for their highest recognition for volunteer leaders. Megan Jaeger, of

silver metal and gold mace and chain of office

Collegiate Products for Every Need

As budget renewals approach, we wanted to remind you that Medalcraft is the premier vendor for maces, chains of offices, and graduation medals. We have