Die Creation

At Medalcraft, we take pride in our die-creation process, which is the foundation of our high-quality products. The die is used to strike the metal blanks and create the impression of your design.

The die creation process starts with your approved design, which is the final version of your artwork that you have reviewed and confirmed. We then 3D program your design and using CNC machines, we cut the reverse image into the die. 

After the CNC machines cut the die, we then clean up the die by hand. We use various tools and techniques to smooth out the edges, remove any burrs, and polish the surface. We also inspect the die for any defects or errors and fix them if needed.

The final step of the die creation process is to heat treat the die. Heat treating makes the die harder, stronger, and more resistant to wear and tear.

By following these steps, we can create a die that is accurate, durable, and beautiful. We can also ensure that your product will have a sharp and detailed impression that matches your design.

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