Reliability Engineering Certification Program

Medalcraft Mint is the leading manufacturer of high quality die-struck medals, medallions, challenge coins and military insignia for awards, gifts and commemorative needs.  The top producer of Military and USA Government Challenge Coins.

About the Program:

In collaboration with Renaissance Reliability and the University of Tennessee, Medalcraft Mint has established a prestigious Reliability Engineering certification program. This 3-month on-site course enables participants to rapidly advance their careers in the manufacturing industry.

Upon successful completion, participants will be eligible to apply for full-time positions at Medalcraft Mint or receive a recommendation letter to pursue opportunities with other manufacturing companies.


The program welcomes college students, transitioning service members applying via the Skills Bridge program, veterans, and individuals interested in pursuing a career in manufacturing. (Apply)

The Story of Hope film:

Within the program, participants will take part in a documentary showcasing their experiences, which will serve as a resource for future attendees and help promote awareness of careers in manufacturing.

How to Apply

To apply for our upcoming cohort please email,

Program Details and Cost

Duration: 3-month on-site training

Location: Medalcraft Mint headquarters in Green Bay, WI. 

Dates: June-August 2023

Outcome: Earn an industry recognized certification as a Reliability Engineer


What is Reliability Engineering

​Becoming a reliability engineer offers several benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth. Here are some reasons to consider pursuing a career in reliability engineering:

  • High demand and job stability: As industries worldwide increasingly focus on optimizing performance and minimizing downtime, the demand for skilled reliability engineers is on the rise. This demand translates to job stability and excellent career prospects.
  • Competitive salary: Reliability engineers are well-compensated for their expertise in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of complex systems. This competitive salary reflects the value they bring to their organizations.
  • Intellectual challenge: Reliability engineering is a multidisciplinary field, requiring expertise in various areas such as mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineering. The intellectual challenges and problem-solving opportunities in this field can be highly rewarding for those who enjoy continuous learning and growth.
  • Cross-industry opportunities: Reliability engineers are needed in diverse industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, and more. This variety allows you to explore different sectors and find the one that best aligns with your interests and career goals.
  • Impact on operational efficiency: As a reliability engineer, your work directly impacts the overall operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your organization. By optimizing system performance and minimizing downtime, you contribute significantly to your company’s bottom line.
  • Opportunity for advancement: A career in reliability engineering offers ample opportunities for professional development and advancement. With experience, you can move into higher-level positions such as maintenance manager, reliability manager, or even director of operations.
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