Minting Process

Medalcraft Mint Inc. uses only solid materials, selected for their purity and metallic composition, in the minting process. Our craftsmen die-strike all medals, medallions and other items from brass, nickel-silver, bronze, copper and precious metals.

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Art Proofs

A digital proof is created and used for reference throughout the production process.

3D Rendering

3D digital models are created from the approved art through cutting edge CAD/CAM modeling software.

CNC Machining

The reverse image of the approved 3D model is machined into tool steel utilizing high precision CNC milling machines.

Detail Work

Using hand tools and a detailed eye, metal craftsmen clean up, smooth and polish the die’s 3D image.

Digital Die Proof

A digital image of the lead proof from the die is e-mailed for customer approval prior to the actual minting process.

Heat Treating

The approved die is hardened by heat treating. The die is subjected to temperatures above 1,700°F for up to eight hours.


A blank piece of metal previously cut to the desired shape is placed into a coining press on top of the die. Up to 1,000 tons of pressure are used to “strike” the image into the metal.


Once the metal is successfully struck, it is darkened. Then the product is brushed and a finish, such as standard antique, is applied. Finally, a lacquer is applied to preserve the medal.

Final Steps

Once the product is finished, where it goes next depends on the custom order. It could go to polishing, plating, engraving, enameling or sent straight to assembly where the final packaging takes place before shipment. No matter what the project or what department works on the order, there is a common theme at Medalcraft Mint: quality and customer satisfaction are top priority. And once you see and hold the product, we are sure you will agree.