Medalcraft Mint uses only solid materials, selected for their purity and metallic composition, in the minting process. Our craftsmen die-strike all medals, medallions and other items from brass, nickel-silver, bronze, copper and precious metals.

Our craftsmen hand-sculpt or engrave to scale each design in a steel die block. Striking presses the material into the die cavity, making an exact impression of the image from the hand-cut die.

Die striking and die casting are very different. We “strike” our pieces with dies holding your desired image, while most of our competitors use molds to “cast” their pieces.

We die strike for several reasons. Die striking allows us to use better materials, have better consistency, crisper images, and an overall better product. Many cast pieces use zinc or less expensive materials that are plated and can wear over time. Casted pieces also tend to have less consistency piece to piece.

This is a one-time expense for creating the die to strike your customized design, logo or message. Die charges are based on time, material used and complexity of the design.

The thickness of the material is referred to as the gauge, typically ranging from the slim 12 gauge (.080 inches thick) to the hefty 2 gauge (.250 inches thick). We carefully select the gauge of material to enhance the striking of your design and achieve the desired relief.

Each Medalcraft Mint product receives the finest hand-finished patina (fine coating of oxide on the surface of the metal) to enhance the aesthetics of the design. A durable jeweler’s lacquer prevents tarnishing. Most of our products feature an antique finish, and other finishes are available upon request.

Minimum orders for custom designs are 100 units. Additional charges may apply to less-than-minimum and rush orders.

Preferred electronic files are vector-based line art (.ai or .eps files, usually built in a program such as Adobe Illustrator). Fonts should be either “outlined” or included with the files sent. When creating a 3D modeled image, we will need a hi-resolution image (jpg, tif, etc), ideally 300 dpi or larger. Better quality images will produce better quality models.

We carry a large inventory of stock shapes, including circles, squares, ovals, rectangles and specialty shapes. Custom shapes are available for an additional charge.

Stock products ship in 1-3 business days. Large volume orders, engraving and optional finishes may take longer. Add 5-7 business days for personalized engraving on stock products. Initial orders of custom designs ship approximately 3 weeks after art approval, with re-orders generally shipping in 2-3 weeks. Variables such as volume, materials, finishes and other enhancements can add to that estimate. We often can accommodate shorter lead time requests, but rush charges can apply. Contact us with additional questions or to request a quote.