Medalcraft Mint brass challenge coins

The challenge: Rescuing a customer after an overseas supplier dropped the ball

Cleaning up messes left by undependable overseas suppliers has become a Medalcraft Mint specialty. This was the case in the summer of 2019 when a Chinese producer left the Howard University School of Business in Washington, D.C., in the lurch after failing to deliver an order of custom brass challenge coins in time for an event.

Medalcraft Mint received the initial call just one week prior to the event after it became clear to Howard University that it was in a bind. Our design team immediately went to work, creating a proof in less than a day, programming and cutting two new dies within 24 hours, and the production team quickly pressed and finished 1,000 brass challenge coins.

The entire order sequence – proof, dies, production and shipping – went out the door of our Green Bay, Wisconsin, plant in less than one week for the same price that was quoted by the overseas supplier. Howard University received a higher-quality product, made in the USA, on time and on budget.

For more information about custom brass challenge coins or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

Medalcraft Mint extra-large medallions, large medallions

Extra-large medallions supersize the commemorative effect

Few commemoratives capture attention as quickly as extra-large medallions. A growing number of our customers are requesting large medallions that measure at least 3.5 inches in diameter for the visual impact they deliver as well as the extra real estate they offer for design elements.

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Medalcraft Mint medallion

Our opportunity: Provide the capstone on a memorable event

Zack Viscomi, chief operating officer for DNA Media, contracted with Medalcraft Mint to produce a 3½-inch brass medallion with 24-kt gold plating. Zack requested our team produce a medallion with exceptional shine qualities on tight turnaround for the film’s quickly approaching San Diego release event.

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