Medalcraft Mint custom military medals

The challenge: Produce American-made custom military medals within budget limits

Medalcraft Mint has become a trusted supplier of custom military medals for units around the world, one of them being the U.S. Army’s only special operations aviation force. The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne), also known as the Night Stalkers for its pioneering work in night flight techniques, is poised to arrive on time and on target, plus or minus 30 seconds.

It is in that spirit of precision that Medalcraft Mint produces custom military medals for the Night Stalkers, taking over design and production services previously acquired from overseas suppliers. Medalcraft Mint uses existing samples of Night Stalker coins to make the appropriate modifications that result in consistently superior products delivered in quicker turnaround times.

Strategic adjustments to some of the variables involved in the production process enables Medalcraft Mint to meet budgetary requirements. The results are custom military medals made in the USA of which the Night Stalkers can be proud.

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