Medalcraft Mint poly prep ceremonial mace

The Challenge: Produce a ceremonial mace with flame to replicate the Statue of Liberty

Most ceremonial mace designs involve engraved medals set into a wood staff. Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn, New York, wanted something a step above the norm when it requested a three-dimensional custom flame for the top of its mace.

Poly Prep, a private school featuring nursery through high school grades, has two campuses in Brooklyn a short distance from the Statue of Liberty. The school’s leaders wanted this iconic symbol of New York prominently displayed on its ceremonial mace for use at official events such as commencements.

Medalcraft Mint’s design team created a 42-inch staff featuring a pair of custom-engraved, three-inch brass medallions at the top with Poly Prep’s updated logo. The two medallions included an antique finish to complement the dark brown wood tones of the ceremonial mace.

A matching brass flame, designed to replicate that of the Statue of Liberty, rests on top of the mace’s square block crown providing the crowning touch.

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