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The Challenge: Educating customer on value of custom coin durability

Coming up with an employee gift that stands the test of time is a challenge that requires some creative thinking. While functional items may sound like a good choice in the short term, chances are high that malfunctions and simple wear and tear will take their toll sooner than later.

That is why the experts at Medalcraft Mint suggested another course of action. A customer called with a request for an appropriate gift to present for a corporate account that was celebrating a business anniversary.

Medalcraft Mint suggested a custom coin delivered in an attractive coin card featuring a message from the corporate CEO. The piece would offer multiple benefits including a high perceived value and reinforce the leader’s gratitude for employee commitment with the option of adding a brief company history.

This proposal required educating the customer about the best way to sell the concept to their end user, since the representative had never sold this type of product before. The end customer valued Medalcraft Mint’s ability to produce multiple custom dies for the die-striking production process, making this employee gift a rousing success.

For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s custom coin design and process or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

Medalcraft Mint first responder coins

First responder coins are in higher demand now more than ever

While the law enforcement and emergency response communities have always appreciated first responder coins, the pressure these dedicated professionals are under during this era of civil unrest and global pandemic makes high-quality commemoratives from Medalcraft Mint more valuable than ever.

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