Medalcraft Mint Houston SuperBowl Commemorative Coin Card

The Challenge: Create an attractive commemorative coin within budget

As the city of Houston prepared to host the NFL and Super Bowl LI in 2017, AIA affiliate My Corporate Expressions worked with organizers to develop a collectable gift for the 10,000 volunteers needed to conduct one of the biggest events in the country. Medalcraft Mint was asked to present options for a custom commemorative coin that would clearly convey the event while meeting budget requirements.

The client’s initial suggestion for a custom commemorative coin in a jewelry box failed to meet budget requirements, and the project also faced challenges with fitting all the information desired on the coin while remaining legible.

The Medalcraft Mint team came back with a solution that cleared both hurdles. A custom challenge coin contained in an attractive tri-fold card brought the price down to an acceptable level, and the revised design produced a classy coin that showed off Houston and the event.

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