Medalcraft Mint Topgolf Award Medal

The Challenge: Create a More Attractive Award Medal and Ribbon for a Similar Price

Specialty products distributor Catalyst turned to the team at Medalcraft Mint for assistance when one of its largest customers, Topgolf, decided to upgrade the look of the award medals it presents to participants at its entertainment venues across the United States.

Topgolf locations feature climate-controlled playing bays for fun and competitive golf games for all ages. The franchises offer an impressive food and drink menu and other amenities designed to make every visit feel like a party. However, the generic medals on red, white and blue ribbons it had been presenting were not the life of the party.

Topgolf requested an attractive medal more distinctive to its brand while keeping the unit price in a similar range as the previous item. Medalcraft Mint’s world-class art team was able to accomplish this by using Topgolf’s existing fonts and graphic standards to create several options to choose from. In addition to creating an eye-catching award medal, Medalcraft Mint was able to supply a ribbon that matched the blue of Topgolf’s graphic standards.

The new award package has been a winner with Topgolf’s customers, doubling the orders for Catalyst from the Topgolf franchises.

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Topgolf Orlando
Architectural Photography by Michael Baxter, Baxter Imaging LLC
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