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The challenge: Create a facial likeness on a donor medallion

The Boulé Foundation recognizes its major donors deserve a special kind of custom donor medallion. The former Medallic Art Company, whose customers now are serviced by Medalcraft Mint, has produced Legacy Award medallions to honor the total amount of contributions from the Boulé Foundation’s largest donors.

The Boulé Foundation is a private organization founded by the Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity in 1980 to support largely African American charitable, religious, scientific, literary or educational purposes through contributions of the fraternity members. Sigma Pi Phi is the oldest African American Greek organization.

The Legacy Award medallions feature likenesses of major donors, with the fraternity’s crest and other imagery featured on the back side. Here is a list of donors and their medallions:

Anthony W. Hall Jr. Legacy Award, $500,000 (cumulative contributions)
Calvin E. Tyler Jr. Legacy Award, $400,000 (cumulative contributions)
Thomas B. Shropshire Legacy Award,$300,000 (cumulative contributions)
James E. Payne Legacy Award, $200,000 (cumulative contributions)
John B. Clemmons, Sr. Legacy Award, $100,000 (cumulative contributions)
Robert V. Franklin Legacy Award, $75,000 (cumulative contributions)
William Sylvester “Turk” Thompson Legacy Award, $50,000 (cumulative contributions)
Harvey C. Russell Legacy Award, $25,000 (cumulative contributions)
Percy Julian Legacy Award, $10,000 (cumulative contributions)
W.E.B. Du Bois Legacy Award, $5,000 (cumulative contributions)
James P. Brawley Legacy Award, $2,500 (cumulative contributions)
Henry M. Minton Fellow Legacy Award, $1,000 (non-cumulative contribution)

For more information about a custom donor medallion created by Medalcraft Mint or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

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