Graduation Medals

The first step in establishing a post-graduate relationship, high quality graduation medals enhance the graduate’s sense of accomplishment by recognizing their efforts in a timeless expression that will last a lifetime.

Leave a lasting impression

Graduation medals are a terrific way to recognize the efforts of each graduate. A high-quality graduation medal enhances the graduate’s sense of accomplishment and is the first step in establishing a post graduate relationship.

The design and execution of each medal is a powerful symbol of the quality of education received. The solid bronze signifies the enduring knowledge attained and upon which the graduate has built a solid foundation. The hand-finished patina of each medal is symbolic of the influence and contribution of each professor.

Over the years as memories fade, this medal will bring to mind each graduate’s connection and commitment to their alma mater. The medal serves as a constant reminder of the quality of their education and their school.

Medalcraft Mint Inc. has been making the country’s most prestigious medals since 1948. The small investment for a high-quality medal will pay dividends in goodwill for years to come. Start a tradition of recognizing your graduates with beautiful handcrafted medals today. The pride on the faces of your graduates alone will convince you that they deserve a medal.

Let us make your graduation medals

Thousands of companies, organizations, and institutions choose the American-made work of Medalcraft Mint to commemorate their university and create a symbol of office. We can do the same for your institution.

commencement case medal case

Each medal is die struck in a 2” diameter from solid bronze in high relief and beautifully hand finished with a rich patina, then sealed with a protective jeweler’s lacquer.

school ribbons

You may have your choice of colors on a 32”– 38” long sewn neck ribbon.

Conveniently packaged in boxes of fifty in our exclusively designed “Commencement Day Medal Case”.

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Why Medalcraft?

Your time is important. So are your budgets. With Medalcraft, you can protect both—all while receiving products of the highest quality, carefully handcrafted here in America.


We work hard to keep our products affordable, without sacrificing quality. In many cases, choosing Medalcraft can save you up to 20 percent compared to other manufacturers.


Our production times average two to three weeks, and we can accommodate rush orders even faster when necessary.


If you’re switching to Medalcraft from another manufacturer, we will re-create your die. Just send us your art and we’ll get to work, making it as simple as a re-order.


We custom build every single Medalcraft product right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That’s how we ensure higher quality, superior service and the best possible experience for our customers.


Medalcraft is known for such high quality and craftsmanship that we’ve been chosen as the exclusive designer and manufacturer of the official inaugural medal for several presidents of the United States.


We use only the highest-quality materials, selected for their purity and metallic composition. Skilled craftsmen die-strike all of our offerings from carefully selected brass, nickel-silver, bronze, copper and precious metals.

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