3D Medallions

Create the perfect medal and presentation for your special event or ceremony.

Medalcraft Mint Inc. has produced some of the world’s most distinguished award medals such as the Pulitzer Prize, the Peabody Award, Caldecott medals, and the Presidential Medal. We have designed and produced more of America’s most distinguished commemorative medallions and awards medals than any other mint.

Medals of honor or commemoration

Thousands of companies, organizations and institutions choose medals made by Medalcraft Mint to honor outstanding individuals or to commemorate special events. Consider the people and events you hold in highest esteem. Then let Medalcraft Mint create a striking and permanent medal to recognize their importance.

Making the perfect medal

Our design consultants work closely with you to create the perfect medal and presentation for your special event or ceremony. We can manage the entire process from your idea through delivery of your custom art medal.

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Why Medalcraft?

Your time is important. So are your budgets. With Medalcraft, you can protect both—all while receiving products of the highest quality, carefully handcrafted here in America.


We work hard to keep our products affordable, without sacrificing quality. In many cases, choosing Medalcraft can save you up to 20 percent compared to other manufacturers.


Our production times average two to three weeks, and we can accommodate rush orders even faster when necessary.


If you’re switching to Medalcraft from another manufacturer, we will re-create your die. Just send us your art and we’ll get to work, making it as simple as a re-order.


We custom build every single Medalcraft product right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That’s how we ensure higher quality, superior service and the best possible experience for our customers.


Medalcraft is known for such high quality and craftsmanship that we’ve been chosen as the exclusive designer and manufacturer of the official inaugural medal for several presidents of the United States.


We use only the highest-quality materials, selected for their purity and metallic composition. Skilled craftsmen die-strike all of our offerings from carefully selected brass, nickel-silver, bronze, copper and precious metals.

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