Official Medals of Presidential Inaugurations

Official Medals of Presidential Inaugurations

Medalcraft Mint produced some of the world’s most distinguished awards medals, and among them, none are more distinguished than the Presidential Inaugural medals. Medallic Art has designed and minted the Inaugural medals for eleven U.S. Presidents, selections of which are in the gallery below. We have designed and produced more of America’s official Presidential Inaugural medals than any other mint


In addition to Presidents, thousands of companies, organizations, and institutions choose the work of Medalcraft Mint to honor outstanding individuals or to commemorate special events. Consider the people and events you hold in highest esteem. Then let Medalcraft Mint create a striking and permanent recognition of their importance.

Our design consultants work closely with you to create the perfect medal and presentation for your special event or ceremony. We can manage the entire process from your idea through delivery of your custom piece of art.


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