Medalcraft Mint short-run squadron coin

Producing a short-run squadron coin quickly for a Marine Corps unit

The brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces appreciate a high-quality commemorative as much as anyone — perhaps even more. That is why Medalcraft Mint was honored recently to produce a short-run squadron coin for a U.S. Marine Corps unit serving overseas.

Medalcraft Mint’s artists created a 1.75-inch diameter coin made of solid brass that features the U.S. Marine Corps’ eagle, globe and anchor seal, along with the unit’s crest. This special-occasion order of only 100 coins was shipped out from Medalcraft’s Green Bay, Wisconsin, plant in less than three weeks.

The fast turnaround capabilities of our American-made manufacturing process deliver an advantage that international suppliers can’t match. Medalcraft Mint is a proud supporter of the U.S. Military and places a high priority on delivering exceptional custom medals, short-run squadron coins and other coins around the world.

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