Medalcraft Mint challenge coin

Join the challenge coin revolution

What steps does your organization take to encourage teamwork and boost morale? A growing number of companies, public safety agencies and other organizations recognize high achievement and promote a sense of unity with a challenge coin.

Medalcraft Mint is an industry leader in the design and production of custom challenge coins. These attractive tokens of recognition reflect positively on the presenting organization and provide tangible evidence of your commitment to excellence.

Challenge coins are high-quality commemoratives that include attractive imagery and/or verbiage specific to your organization or project. Our skilled design team works with organizations and groups around the USA to create challenge coins that become treasured keepsakes for recipients.

Medalcraft Mint’s commitment to challenge coin excellence

Our team uses computer technology to create precision dies for use in producing each custom challenge coin we make. Heat treatment hardens the die and makes it ready for the die-striking process. We use brass, copper, bronze, nickel-silver and other precious metals in creating exquisite challenge coins. You can take comfort in knowing every step of our manufacturing process takes place at our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how a challenge coin can help your organization reinforce the positive work environment you work so hard to nurture. We can be reached at 800-558-6348 or via email at