Tariffs make USA-made medallions a good deal

Tariffs make USA-made medallions a good deal

The US Government’s tariffs on Chinese imports are having a significant impact on the prices American companies and consumers pay for goods. This includes the lower-quality medallions mass-produced by Chinese companies and sold by American distributors.

Medalcraft Mint Inc. and other American-based medallion producers have been at a pricing disadvantage for years as these cheaper Chinese medallions flooded the market. We have marketed our advantages in quality, custom design capabilities and faster turnaround performance as key differentiators, and now we can truly say that our USA-made medallions are a good financial deal as well.

You see, the Chinese producers are not the ones paying the tariffs. Rather, it is American importers who have to pay the tariff bill, and they typically pass along the majority – if not all – of that expense to their customers.

Suddenly, those Chinese-made medallions aren’t so inexpensive anymore.

I invite you take this opportunity to better understand the advantages of investing in USA-made medallions for your organization. We are proud to call America home, and our dedicated Wisconsin-based workforce thanks you for your support.

Medalcraft Mint has a reputation for quality craftsmanship

Medalcraft Mint has been a Wisconsin-based company since its founding in 1948. The company produces a wide selection of challenge coins, badges, recognition awards, ceremonial maces and other commemoratives in its 40,000-square-foot facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s products or to request a quote, please go to http://medalcraft.com/ or call 800-558-6348.

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