Medalcraft Mint custom medallion

The Challenge: Create, Produce and Ship a Custom Medallion in 8 Days

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., is the largest museum, education and research complex in the world, with 19 museums and the National Zoo under its umbrella administered by the United States government. While Smithsonian operations typically are a well-oiled machine, the organization faced an unexpected deadline issue when the company it had contracted to produce a 24-kt gold-plated custom medallion, presentation box and engraving plate went out of business.

Medalcraft Mint was asked to step in and complete the project in time for an event that loomed just eight business days away. The Medalcraft Mint team attacked this challenge with urgency and focus, determined to meet budget targets as well as time constraints.

Medalcraft Mint designers had little to work with at the outset, with only a few low-resolution images provided by the Smithsonian and no sample medallion to use as a model. The team rendered the medallion design and cut the dies, while a rushed precious medal order arrived in time to meet the tight production timeline.

The entire project came in on budget and the medallion package arrived at its destination in time for the event, saving the Smithsonian from an uncomfortable faux pas.

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