Medalcraft Mint suppliers and supply chain in the USA

Are your medals Made in the USA?

The question in that subject line may seem simple enough, but you might be surprised how many American distributors actually source their medals from overseas manufacturers.

Medalcraft Mint completes every step of the manufacturing process for our award-winning medals and medallions right here in Green Bay, Wisconsin, giving you the confidence to tell your recipients that their medals are Made in the USA.

We know you are just as proud of your connection to the USA as we are. That’s why we work with American-based suppliers who feature domestic supply chains at every opportunity. The quality and dependability of American products makes it an easy choice when it comes to lining up our supply chain partners.

Keeping our supply chain here in America enables us to avoid the delays that other suppliers often struggle with when shipping products from overseas. We don’t have to deal with tariff issues, dockworker strikes, or any of the other hurdles that can crop up during the importing process.

Instead, you get predictable delivery windows with no worries about receiving your order on time, all while supporting American workers and businesses.

Call us today at 800-558-6348 to get our Wisconsin-based team working on a new or updated design for your medals, challenge coins or medallions.


Jerry Moran
Owner and Chief Executive Officer – Medalcraft Mint