Who do I contact for ideas, quotes, art and orders?
Midwest (MN, WI, IL, MI, IN, KY, TN, MS, AL, OH)
Charles Stueck, 920-593-1544 cstueck@medalcraft.com
East Coast (NH, VT, RI, CT, MA, NJ, DE, NY, DC, WV, MD, PA, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL)
Brenda Mommaerts, 920-593-1555, bmommaerts@medalcraft.com
West Coast (WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, MT, ID, TX, OK, KS, NE, SD, ND, IA, HI, AK, LA, AR)
Scott Salvinski, 920-593-1527, ssalvinski@medalcraft.com
What is your lead time?
Our standard turnaround time for projects requiring a new die is 3 weeks after art approval. For reorders, standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. Lead times are subject to change based on quantity and project details. Projects may be completed faster depending on project scope and current production schedule. We often can accommodate shorter lead time requests, but rush charges can apply.
What is the minimum order quantity?
Our minimum order requirement is 100. Lesser quantities can be ordered, but may be subject to a less-than-minimum charge.
What is the difference between “Die Striking” and “Die Casting?
Die striking and die casting are very different processes. Check out the die striking process here.


We “strike” our pieces with the image from dies, whereas most of our competitors use molds to “cast” their pieces. Our craftsmen hand-sculpt or engrave to scale each design in a steel die block. Striking presses the material into the die cavity, making an exact impression of the image from the hand-cut die.

Medalcraft Mint die strikes for several reasons. Die striking allows us to use better materials, have better consistency, crisper images, and an overall better product. Many cast pieces use zinc or less-expensive materials that are plated and can wear over time. Casted pieces also tend to have less consistency piece to piece. We have won many awards for our products and striking work.

What are the advantages to “Made in USA” vs. import items?
  • Shorter lead times
  • A dedicated rep that handles the project start to finish
  • Better quality images and sculpts
  • Free art and revisions
  • Higher quality materials
  • Ability to add personalization to each piece
  • Faster/less expensive shipping
  • Easy drop-shipping

Can you do art? What does it cost?
We provide art free of charge to help you sell more products. Even if art is supplied by your customer, we will provide an accurate virtual for the customer to approve on all orders.
What kind of art/images do you require to make proofs?
Electronic files should be emailed to your Customer Service Rep for production of a custom proof. If files are too large for email, please use an online file transfer site and email us the information needed to access your files.
Proper files are vector-based line art (.ai or .eps files usually built in a program such as Adobe Illustrator). Fonts should be either outlined or included with the files sent.
When creating a 3D modeled image (i.e., portrait, realistic model of a car, building, etc) we will need a high-resolution image (jpg, tif, etc.), ideally 300 dpi or larger. (Better quality images will produce better quality models.)
If you have questions about whether your art/images are adequate, please contact your dedicated rep.
Do you have an end user-friendly website?
We do not. Our site includes more than enough material to help you sell products easily and efficiently. If you need something more detailed, please contact your dedicated rep for those images/materials.
Do you offer samples?
We offer samples of similar products. We also can do preproduction samples; however, this may require a non-refundable charge. Please speak with your dedicated rep for samples and preproduction details.
Do I have to pay for dies every order? How long do you keep dies?
Dies are a one-time expense. We keep the dies on premises at Medalcraft Mint. The dies are property of Medalcraft Mint, but as a distributor you have exclusive rights to this die. Any other use of the die would require permission from you. Dies that are consistently used are kept, while dies that are not used for several years are physically destroyed but kept digitally for reproduction in the future (at no cost to you). Also, if a die were to break, we reproduce it at no cost to you.
Will I receive more or less coins than I ordered?
All orders are subject to a 5% over/under run. We can do orders that are exact quantities, but they may require an increased cost. This is a common business practice.
Can I ship on my customer’s or my shipping account?
We can ship on the customer’s or your account. We also can ship and bill via UPS and FedEx. We have the ability to drop-ship, ship freight or many other options. If not instructed, we will ship using the most practical and economical way and bill. Orders also can be sent blind. Pleae contact your dedicated rep with any questions.
Phone: 800-558-6348
Fax: 800-428-6468
2660 W. Mason Street
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